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Your #1 Manchester NH Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpet cleaning is an integral part of maintaining the visual and tactile appeal of your home or workspace. Not only will it leave your carpets with a spotless, revitalized look; but also effectively eliminate dust mites, airborne allergens and pollutants that otherwise can impede the quality of your indoor air. Cleaning your carpets isn't only an aesthetic necessity; it's a vital component of promoting the wellbeing of everyone in your household, furry friends included! It also helps to ensure those at work stay healthy and safe.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner for your home or business is an undertaking that requires several steps to ensure that you get the best results. To begin, the technician will inspect your carpets for potential stains or spots that require treatment prior to cleaning. This helps them establish an accurate assessment of their condition and ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned. During this time, they may suggest spot or pre-treatment treatments if needed.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

After assessing the material and hue, your technician will choose one of several deep carpet cleansing procedures to utilize. These include hot water extraction (steam cleaning), dry foam shampooing, rotary shampooing, bonnet buffing or dry compound carpet cleaning. Hot water extraction is widely viewed as the most effective cleaning method to date. Not only does it rid surfaces of an abundance of dirt, but also eliminates bacteria and allergens from carpets and upholstery.

Once we've chosen the right technique for cleaning your carpets, a specialist will apply hoses with tailored extensions to release hot water onto them. Our powerful vacuum extracts this water with precision, effectively removing any remaining dirt and moisture from your carpets - leaving them odor-free and spotless.


Lastly, after a comprehensive steam or dry cleaning of all areas, an expert deodorizer is applied to eradicate any persistent smells. By utilizing this product, you can protect your surfaces from future stains while adding a refreshing aroma to any home or office!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

It is essential to note that carpet cleaning services for commercial businesses differ markedly from those services provided in residential settings. Commercial spaces typically demand more frequent cleanings due to the elevated levels of daily foot traffic they receive. Commercial carpets are often much broader and thus demand more time for the cleaning process to be finished. When selecting the correct cleaning procedure for carpets in commercial properties, it is essential to consider additional layers such as padding or backing that may be present. Commercial carpets can exhibit heavier soils and stains that necessitate specialized products and machinery to adequately remove them. Steam Kings are professional carpet cleaners with commercial and residential expertise that will make sure your business is looking its very best.

Manchester NH Carpet Cleaning

Manchester NH Carpet Cleaning

At Steam Kings, our carpet cleaning services are available to residential and commercial clients in Manchester, NH. At both your home and workplace, we strive to provide extraordinary services!  Schedule today!

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